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The Escape Classroom

- Can Your Students Escape The Classroom -

The Most Exciting Workshop Your Students Will Ever Do

Get Your Free Professional Development Escape Room For YOur Staff

Let's Find Out Just How Smart Your Staff Really Are

This will be the most exciting workshop that you will ever do with your staff. 


Go ahead. Find out for yourself what everyone is talking about. 

*Used by thousands of teachers & schools already* 

What is An Escape Room?

Why Use The Escape Classroom Workshops

Defeat our Super Villains... if you can.

BONUS: Free PTO / Fundraiser Escape 

Why stop there? We are going to throw in a FREE PTO / Fundraiser Escape also. You can use this to easily raise thousands of dollars for your school and increase PTO engagement.   

Fundraising On Steroids

game  Changer

This is a true game changer in the field of fund raising and/or attaining a greater attendance for your next PTO event. 


We provide you with everything that you need in order to make this event a success.


The best part is - after you conduct this Escape, then your parents and students will beg you for more. And don't worry, more are on the way. 



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