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Thank you Kosciusko Upper Elementary for sharing your Escape experience. You are awesome. 

Thank you Midway Elementary for sharing your Escape experience. You are awesome. 

An Escape Master is a NEW BREED OF EDUCATOR.

A Rebel. A Trendsetter. A Leader. A Doer Of Different.


Escape Masters have heard the same old tried teaching methods taught in ivy towers from dusty old professors.


Escape Masters believe that doing the same thing year after year and expecting different results is bad leadership.


Escape Masters: Escape Boring. Dare TO Be Different. Refuse TO Follow The Herd. Rebel.

Join The Rebellion and DO Different

"This was perfect. My students were so engaged, even the ones that tend to not pay attention. They were excited throughout the whole game and couldn't stop talking about it throughout the whole day. Keep them coming."

Escape Master, Tracy Fran, TX

"I haven't seen my students so engaged and excited, before, during, and after an activity. They overcame their challenges, cheered one another, reflected on their mistakes, and came up with possible solutions for a next time. The winning group even thank the rest of the class for working so hard and not giving up. Worth every minute!"

Escape Master, Patricia Westergaard, FL

"I have done several Escape Workshops with my students so far and they work. They love the videos. They love this fast paced game. Their communication skills increase during it and they master the subject material. This is a major win in my book."

Escape Master, Lori Sullivan, NC

"I just wanted you to know how much fun our students had doing your Escape Workshop. They cannot stop talking about it and are already asking to do more. You have put together a great program. I'm looking forward to using more."

Escape Master, Bree Moore, IN

"Dear Makers of The Escape Classroom, We just finished our first Escape Classroom Workshop and the Kids had a blast! As part of their response, some of the students chose to write a testimonial about their time in the Escape Classroom. Below are some of the quotes. Feel free to share them on your website! They can’t wait to participate in another one next year! THANKS SO MUCH! "

Escape Master, Audra Woods, PA

“The escape classroom was so much fun! It not only made my adrenaline run when the time started running out, it made me learn in the most fun way ever! I would totally do this again! Keep working on great new ides! Signed, Maddie H. Grade 5 Denver, PA

“The escape classroom is awesome. It was so fun and challenging. We had everyone in our classroom get out and we had 7 minutes to spare. When we opened our last box, they all had little keys in it. It was so fun. Thank you for making the escape classroom. I hope you make more so we can do it in 6th grade.”

Zoey N. Grade 5 Denver, PA

“I thought that the escape room was so much fun. I loved how we got to work and kind of figure out strategies with working together. I think you should make more because sometimes learning is boring and some students don’t pay attention. If you make these, they’re gonna pay attention because it’s something fun that we can do."

Grace S. Grade 5 Denver, PA

“The escape classroom is one of the most fun things I had ever done. If I could, I would have done it for the rest of the day. It was fun having to solve problems and opening the locks. It was challenging which made it competitive and fun. Kids learn to problem-solve and have fun learning.”

Alex W. Grade 5 Denver, PA

"Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time my 6th grade students had with this workshop.  It added some fun to the learning at the end of the year. It was a perfect opportunity for the students to use different skills to help their team.  Out of 6 classes, I had two groups finish in under the 30 minutes. I had half of my 24 groups make it to the final clue. Looking forward to incorporating Factors and Multiples and Add/Subtract Fractions with Uncommon Denominators in the fall."

Escape Master, Michael O'Brien, AL

Now - It's your turn.

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