How To Use The Mystery Classroom For Remote Learning

Our Mysteries are designed for in-class workshops with a focus on communication and collaboration, but with a few tweaks you can use them for remote learning.


1.   Give the students the link that is associated with the QR Code. For the most part, it will be a tiny URL. Just cut and paste. (NOTE: These tiny URL's are case sensitive.)


2.  Students will need a password to access the material. The password can be found on the website.

3.  For the most part, the students will not have access to the Promo Video with Anonymous. This video explains the mystery and who the suspects are. Many times it will give the first clue. The students will not have access to this video, but that should not hurt them too much.

4.  Students will be able to conduct the Mystery online.


5. Teacher's Task: Every Mystery has a Teacher's Task. Since students will not be able to do the Teacher's Task, then you will need to give them the Teacher's Task Code. This is very important. 

6.  Review The Mystery Material:  A few Mysteries will have steps in them that require students to search the classroom for hidden clues. If your Mystery has these steps in it, then you cannot use them for remote learning.


7.  Have your students submit their answer (who did it) and the reasons why to you via email.   

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