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Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Communication & Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation

Get A Free Escape Room For Your Classroom.

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Creativity & Innovation * Critical Thinking & Problem Solving * Communication & Collaboration 

The Escape Classroom

Students compete against other teams in order to escape the classroom before the clock ticks down to zero. One of our Super Villains have locked them inside of the classroom, but has placed clues within the classroom so that they may escape. Our Escapes are designed around specific curriculum. 

The Mystery Classroom

Your students have been chosen by Anonymous to help him figure out which Super Villain "did it". They must answer a series of questions based on specific curriculum in order to unlock clues and testimonies. After they have unlocked all of the clues and testimonies, then they must solve the mystery and figure out "who did it".  

Remote Learning Friendly

The Hero Classroom

Students have joined the ranks of Anonymous. They will engage in a theatrical story told via texts, videos, pictures, video-calls and phone-calls. They will have to figure out how to help the person in need escape from one of our Super Villains. Students will have to answer questions based on specific curriculum in order to successfully save the day and defeat the Super Villain…. or not.  

Remote Learning Friendly

The Treasure Hunt Classroom

Students must find the hidden treasure of the notorious Scurvy Bones. They will have to use the treasure maps, avoid the booby traps, search the classroom for clues and interact with eyewitnesses to piece together the location of the hidden treasure. Students will have to answer questions based on a specific curriculum if they ever hope to find the treasure.  

Choose Your Own Story Classroom

Students have found themselves in the middle of their own story.  There are many choices, but only 1 path is correct. Students will engage with specific content in order to proceed through their story.

We await your choice.     

Remote Learning Friendly

Yes! We just made education fun again.

5 Great Products To Choose From

The Escape Classroom Breakout EDU

 Find out for yourself why The Escape Classroom is the most exciting teaching resource available today.

Learning While Laughing

An Escape Master is a NEW BREED OF EDUCATOR.
A Rebel. A Trendsetter. A Leader. A Doer Of Different. 
Escape Masters have heard the same old tired teaching methods taught in ivory towers from dusty old professors.

Escape Masters believe that doing the same thing year after year and expecting different results is bad leadership.

Escape Masters: Escape Boring. Dare TO Be Different. Refuse TO Follow The Herd. Rebel.

Join The Rebellion and DO Different

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