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Making Education Fun Again

Escape Classroom Breaout EDU

Classroom Friendly / Remote Learning Friendly

All of our products are classroom friendly. Our Mystery Classroom & Hero Classroom products are remote learning friendly.  

Escape Classroom Breakoout EDU

Different Product-lines

Each of our product-lines are different. They are designed to excite and engage your students with our trademark theatrical twists. We are continually creating new products based on different subject material and grade levels. New products are added weekly.

Low Cost 

We have kept the cost low. You can purchase our products individually or join our All-Access Membership (this gives you access to all of our products for 12 months, plus any new ones that come out). 


Escape Classroom Breakout EDU

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Escape Classroom Breakout EDU

Purchase Orders  

Yes. We accept Purchase Orders. Purchase Orders may be sent to 


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