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Can your Students Solve The Mystery 

From The Creators Of 



Many of our teachers are already calling this better than The Escape Classroom. That is saying something. Sign up. We'll email you your FREE Mystery. Find out for yourself if it is as good as everyone says it is.    


learning friendly

BONUS Alert #1

Perhaps you have already heard of the wildly popular Escape Classroom. Perhaps not. We are going to send you a FREE Escape Room with your FREE Mystery. Your students will think you are a "Rock Star" after you conduct these workshops in your classroom. 

Rock On "Cool" Teacher. Rock On.  

BONUS Alert #2

How about another free resource for you to use in your classroom? 

Students will engage in a theatrical story told via texts, videos, pictures, video-calls and phone-calls. They will have to figure out how to help the person in need escape from one of our Super Villains. Students will have to answer questions based on specific curriculum in order to successfully save the day and defeat the Super Villain…. or not.  


learning friendly

BONUS Alert #3

Why stop there? How about we sweeten the pot for you?


Students must find the hidden treasure of the notorious Scurvy Bones. They will have to use the treasure maps, avoid the booby traps, search the classroom for clues and interact with eyewitnesses to piece together the location of the hidden treasure. Students will have to answer questions based on a specific curriculum if they ever hope to find the treasure.  

Go Ahead. Make Education Fun Again.

We Triple Dog Dare Ya. 

Get your free mystery, plus your bonuses. 

*Used by thousands of teachers & schools already* 

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